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        服务提供 Service support

        提供完整资料: 安装基础图(成套设备还包括平面安装布置图),管路图。卧螺离心机使用说明书,变频器使用说明书、合格证、装箱清、单交货时提供(成套设备还包括附属设备的使用说明书)、专用工具、备品备件。

        Provide complete data: installation foundation drawing (complete set of equipment also includes plane installation layout), pipelinedrawing. The operation manual of horizontal screw centrifuge, operation manual of frequency convert- er, certificate of conformityand packing list shall be provided during delivery (the complete set of equipment also includes the operation manual of auxiliary equipment). Special tools and spare parts.

        售前服务  Pre-sales service


        Provide technical support according to the actual situation of customers and provide customers with the best separation machinery.

        售中服务  Sales service


        In depth communication with customers, such as arranging production according to the scheme content and contract terms, and confirming the change of situation.

        售后服务  After-sale service


        IGuide installation、on-site commissioning、technical training、free of charge.

        综合服务 Comprehensive services



        Initial setup, technical training, maintenance, renovation and reconstruction, overhaul, spare parts supply.

        Separation process technical consultation, laboratory simulation experiment, helping customers select appropriate models, automatic monitoring and process integration meeting user requirements, and design and installation of the whole separation process.