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    Jinhua Shenzhou

    The quality of survival, to the credibility of development

    Jinhua Shenzhou centrifuge Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of sludge / sewage treatment equipment and solid-liquid separation equipment. Main products: LW series horizontal screw centrifuges, SZ stacked screw dehydrators, LWS three-phase centrifuges, centrifugal dehydrators, integrated sludge thickening and dewatering machine (integrated sludge dewatering machine), complete sets of sludge dewatering equipment, complete sets of sewage treatment equipment, planetary gear differential and related supporting equipment of horizontal screw centrifuges (sludge cutter, shaftless screw conveyor, integrated flocculant preparation system, etc.).

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    The company is committed to the R & D and manufacturing of (horizontal screw centrifuge / stacked screw dehydrator / three-phase centrifuge / complete set of sewage treatment equipment), and provides centrifugal separation equipment and solutions for tens of thousands of users at home and abroad. Mr. Sun, the chairman of the board, has decades of design and manufacturing experience, realized high-speed separation technology and has national patents. The first batch of horizontal screw centrifuge production and research units in China participated in various cooperation, lectures and lectures in Colleges and universities. Lead the development direction of centrifugal separation equipment and centrifugal separation technology, and the products are exported to dozens of overseas countries.

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