Cash 4 Pets

We’re all rich!

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Alarm Clock Radio: ‘Room 335’ by Larry Carlton

Aaaaand were back…

How deep can a love of Steely Dan take a man?  All the way to the solo albums of their studio session musicians, of course.

Not that Larry Carlton isn’t one of the best known jazz guitarists of all time in his own right, but I personally was led to him by the Dan.  His work on The Royal Scam and Aja is fantastic.

His signature style peeks through on all of his performances, but his solo work is distinctively different than of his session playing.  That is, with the exception of “Room 335,” which evokes Fagen and Becker in every positive way.

Still, don’t sleep on the rest of Carlton’s 1978 self-titled record.  It’s one of his best.

Does This Has Antelope Make Says What?

Good answer, antelope.

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Alarm Clock Radio: ‘La Grange’ by ZZ Top

Heading out to SXSW today.

I’m pretty sure it’s in Texas. Here’s a good song from a band from Texas.

Missed a few days of posting due to my sister’s wedding.

We sang this song together to commemorate the occasion. Enjoy!

Underwater Meows Are the Saddest, but Also Funniest Meows

“Why wouldn’t you lift your face up?”

Um, that’s why it’s funny, jerk! And fuck you for naming me, McLovin. That’s why I’m so depressed in the first place.

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Paper & Coffe: March 7th, 2013


Kim Jong Un is like that dude who plays Risk until the very end because he totally thinks he can win with just Alaska. – @MayorBurnsy